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Finished Projects
  CellCrusade : fall 2006 game jam game
  NonPhotoRealisticScreenSpaceAmbientOcclusion : final project for Advanced Computer Graphics
  PoetryAugmentedProgramming : a mostly esoteric programming language
    BF2PAP : a Brainf*ck to PAP compiler
  ShineOnForeverShineOnBenevolentSun : fall 2007 game jam game
  UberTemplate : pretty PHP template
  WebBasedNotepad : PHP web-based, multi-user notepad

Works in Progress
  2A03 : A NES-like synth written in C
  LibWaffle : A modular JACK synth written in C++
  ListOfGames : A list of games I have played/beaten/want to play/are currently playing/etc..
  LuaGame : spawned from LuaShooter, it is designed to allow for rapid prototyping and development of games
  RogueLike : a cyberpunk themed game with Rogue-like elements
  Recipes : important recipes

Toy Projects
  LuaShooter : SDL-based, two-button vertical scrolling shooter written in Lua with some C++ glue

Misc Tools and Such
  libscorecode : ScoreCode interpreter in C++ with callbacks
  MPC-Sharp : an MPD client written in C#/GTK#
  PNGAView : a little png animation strip viewer that I wrote for the GDC (not for animated pngs, only image strips)

Abandoned Projects
  EtherMMORPG : a PHP, web-based MMORPG I was writing
  PraecentioMortalisReborn : rewrite/rework of spring 2006 game jam game (last seen summer 2006, presumed dead)
  WebBrowser : a project with a friend with the goal of innovation in the field of web browsers

Wiki Help
  UserGuide : quick introduction
  FormattingNotes : tips to help with formatting

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