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This is a game that I coded for a game jam in the fall of 2007. The theme was "night and day". At the top of the screen, the sun is constantly making yellow particles fall. These combine with the dark particles from the twilight at the bottom and create white particles of pure energy. If these hit the bottom, it advances upwards a bit (it's constantly advancing at a slow pace).  The idea is for the player to capture these white particles and then after getting 20, fire a blast of this energy at the sun to make it fire its mega-beam, pushing back the darkness. The game cannot be won. It can only be lost less than other people have.

Current State of the Project

This project is done. It's going to be one of the demo projects for LuaGame (as it's programmed in it). I will probably end up making it a little nicer for the release of LuaGame 1.0.


Title screen.

Gameplay screen.

Get It

There are two versions available, a Windows version that is fully packaged with the required libraries, and a Linux version. The Linux version requires that SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, and SDL_gfx are installed. The Linux version was compiled on Ubuntu 7.10 but should run on any modern distribution.

Windows Version
Linux Version

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