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LuaGame is a rapid game prototyping tool similar in scope to Game Maker. In reality, it lies somewhere between Game Maker and pygame in terms of flexibility and ease of use. It is similar to pygame in that it is based on the SDL libraries and it provides high-level functionality to the developer. But, whereas pygame requires the developer to call library initialization functions, set up a screen surface, and handle events manually, LuaGame takes care of those tasks automatically with very little direction on the part of the programmer.

The biggest advantage of using LuaGame is how event handling works. Essentially, one creates an EventManager object and then sets various table cells contained within it to the function that one would like to run when that event occurs. What is also advantageous, is that defining various sets of events is easy due to this object oriented approach (i.e. a different handler for menus and the game). During the main game loop, only the gather_events() function of the appropriate event manager needs to be run.

For example, to handle moving a player object up when a key is pressed (assuming the manager variable is evman):

  evman.keyboard.pressed[K_UP] = move_player_up()

LuaGame now has an official website. It is located at

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