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Basic Usage
Editing a page is as simple as finding one that isn't password protected and clicking edit. The formatting syntax is at the bottom of the edit page.

This wiki, unlike some out there, is extremely simple and straight-forward. Go ahead and click the "Powered-by" link in the bottom right to investigate it for yourself. It's basically a single php script and stores data externally in text files.

Locking an entry can only be done by me (Brett) because it requires editing the script.

If one wants to know what changed and doesn't want to go through everything, the PageList link will show all pages in descending order of last edit.

Formatting Examples
The stylesheet for this wiki is set up a little differently, in that it doesn't behave as expected. Mostly this is just the bold text. This is because I'm using it as a substitute for a header tag.

bold text
italic text
underlined text
verbatim text
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