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Uber is a text template. Basically, a text file is fed into it where the first few lines are header information and the rest of the file is XHTML markup and content. The real impressiveness is not in the fact that it is a template. It's that the backgrounds are dynamically generated by the script. It started out as an experiment with CSS, to see if one could draw pretty plots with colored <div> elements, and it ended up being the main template driving my site, http://www.brettlajzer.com.


Flexible CSS-based layout.
Dynamically rendered backgrounds.
Easy to setup and use.
No database required, uses plaintext files.
A single php script.


Will not render correctly in Internet Explorer 6. IE 7 almost makes it, but doesn't support the use of the :before and :after meta-tags and changing the indent of list items, so the menu looks pretty wonky.

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Uber is licensed under the GPL v2.0 and is available in two archive formats.

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