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This was the Spring 2006 RPI Game Development Club Game Jam game that I worked on. The basic premise is that the player is a dead cellist that is trying to recover the notes of his lost composition. The player can do note combos that cause things to be created/destroyed/toggled/etc... Essentially, the notes affect the player's environment. It is best described as an action puzzler. The Reborn at the end of the name indicates that this is a rewrite/revitalization of the first version. This one is written in C++ as opposed to GameMaker.

What Needs To Be Done

Too much to list.

People Who Worked on This

David Hutchinson
Chris Jaeger
Brett Lajzer
Dan Nottingham

Get It

Not yet, this is far in the future. The code is currently in Dan's hands. At this rate, it can be considered DEAD.

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