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MPC-Sharp is an MPD client written in C# utilizing the GTK# bindings. This is basically a way for me to learn C# and GTK#, but it's also my take on what an MPD client should be like. Granted, it's very similar to certain other clients in some ways, but different in others. I wanted to make a client that behaved the way that I wanted and also had an interface that satisfied my desires.

The obvious question is why I didn't just modify another client. The obvious answer, is of course, obvious.

Also of note is that this is not affiliated with MPCSharp in any way. They just have extremely similar names (obvious lack of creativity, eh?). I didn't know the other project existed when I created this, and well, this isn't for other people. It's for me.

What's Implemented

MPD protocol, courtesy of NMusicPD
Song information display
Control buttons (play, pause, stop, prev, next)
Seek within song
     Seek to Song
     Delete Song
     Clear Playlist
Artist->Album->Songs tree
Album->Songs tree
Song list (Alphabetically grouped)
Search interface

Get It

If I ever release this, it'll be under the GPL v2 license due to my inclusion (in source) of the NMusicPD library.

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