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This page is intended to catalog the quirks of this wiki system. It's left open for editing so that errata can be added as it is found.

HTML Entities
To get HTML entities to work, follow these steps:

1. Type entities into document.
2. Save document, noticing that entities are displayed as their text equivalents.
3. Go back into edit and then just save.
4. Observe that entities are fixed.

Yeah, it's annoying, but it works. Unfortunately, all entities will be converted into their corresponding characters, including non-breaking spaces, which look exactly like normal spaces...

With the exception of non-breaking spaces, one should really just insert the actual character into the document.
An ugly (read: better) way of faking nbsp is to use the verbatim text formatting tags and just insert spaces. At least two spaces are required to make it work, however.

Lists, ordered and unordered, aren't supported by the formatting engine. Thus, one must fake lists. This is accomplished like so: (be certain to hit edit to view source)

Unordered list item
Unordered list item
   Unordered sub-item
   Unordered sub-item
   Unordered sub-item
Unordered list item
Unordered list item

1. List item 1
2. List item 2
   a. Sub-item a
   b. Sub-item b
   c. Sub-item c
3. List item 3
4. List item 4

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