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Cell Crusade was a game written for the Fall 2006 RPI Game Development Club Game Jam. It came in second place (mostly because it didn't have any sound). In it, one plays a cell that is trying to grow. this is accomplished through the consumption of food pellets, and eventually, other enemies. The player can become larger through the consumption of grazers, gain spikes by consuming hunters, and increase movement speed by eating runners. The player's goal is to become as large as possible and eat as many enemies as possible in a limited amount of time.

Current State of the Project

The code is pretty much done to the point that the game is entirely playable. I want to work on balancing the game and doing further tweaking, and also to add in a dynamic sound-scape that is based on the events occuring in the petri dish. All of the art is done. This game is pretty much entirely finished and the current version is very playable. It's just that effective sound design would make it far cooler.

People Who Worked on This

Dan Delarosa
Andrew Dolce
Brett Lajzer


The splash screen.

Title screen.

Gameplay screen.

Get It

This is a version that's been jazzed up with the registered version of GameMaker (the contest required the unregistered version). All changes are cosmetic.


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