Brett Lajzer

Freelance Graphics Programmer


Hi, I'm Brett Lajzer and I'm a freelance graphics programmer. Professionally, I've been doing game development since 2009 and graphics programming since 2011.

I have experience with UE4, Unity, and quite a few proprietary engines.

My current area of graphical interest is stylized and non-photoreal rendering. Contact me if you're working on a project that would benefit from expertise in this area, or if you just want to chat.

Current Projects

Solar Ash

I'm helping to make Solar Ash look and be awesome. Go check it out.


BLSL is a high-level shading language I'm working on.


Hardc0ded might turn into something more someday, but right now it's just my game development-centric blog.

Mystery Project

I'm working on some stuff that's not public. Maybe it'll be cool and I'll share it with everyone when it's ready.


Reasonably up-to-date resume/CV


Personal Stuff

Photos | Blog (defunct) | Old Projects Wiki